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Our client needed help to define their roadmap to develop new wireless connectivity products for vehicles. To understand how vehicles currently use wireless technologies. And how wireless technology could be improved. In addition, define the impact of internal and external factors on wireless data and power transmission for short, and long-term product development.

Client success details

With FutureBridge’s assistance, our client was able to understand regional adoptions of wireless technology, thus enabling them to build a future demand roadmap. FutureBridge was tasked to answer vital business questions including:

Digitalization of in-vehicle services. A UI to unlock new experiences. Predictive intelligence and passenger wellness are the new USPs in the connected cockpit of the future
  • What are the current and future technology scenarios for the connectivity of consumer devices in vehicles?
  • Which trends and developments in the consumer product landscape may affect the market?
  • How long will the wired technology remain, and when – if ever – will wired technologies be phased out and become obsolete?

FutureBridge conducted primary and secondary research across the connected mobility value chain. This included:

  • Identification of critical wireless technologies that will replace wired connecting systems
  • Analysis of industry and consumer viewpoints
  • An assessment of regulations based on technologies across geographies
  • Identification of the potential roadblocks and challenges related to wireless connectivity and privacy

FutureBridge further analyzed our findings to estimate a timeline for wired devices being replaced by wireless technologies and tabulated all significant factors having any significant impact on device connectivity in the future.
The analysis FutureBridge completed helped our client to obtain detailed insights of the technology shift from wired to wireless connectivity and enabled them to build a roadmap to meet the future requirement of in-vehicle wireless technology.

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