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With the concerns over depleting traditional fossil energy and the rapid deterioration of the environment, new energy technology is receiving worldwide attention and eliciting widespread interest. However, new energy technologies have inherent deficiencies, encouraging the development of energy storage devices such as supercapacitors.

Supercapacitors have a noticeable edge over batteries as they have a vast operating temperature range and short charge and discharge times. The short charge and discharge times occur because of their tiniest internal resistance. They can be cycled hundreds of thousands and are safer to store energy in an electric field instead of chemically, thus reducing the risk of thermal events. Supercapacitors involve no moving parts or chemical reactions and address power and environmental needs better than batteries. They are also reliable in harsh environments, with a service temperature range between -40° to 85° C, and reliable despite mechanical vibrations.

Supercapacitors are significant in applications ranging from renewable energy storage systems, including wind turbines, solar energy, and mass transit, to hybrid vehicles, IoT, consumer electronics, smart meters, telematics, and industrial equipment.

This webinar will provide insights into achieving technological breakthroughs in processing the basic materials related to new supercapacitors, and developing the technologies combined with practical demand.

  • Technology evolution and recent developments
  • Critical disparities between supercapacitors and batteries (construction, capabilities, specifications, and applications)
  • How supercapacitors are revolutionizing Industry 4.0
  • Benchmarks and allied competition
  • Cost challenges/ design approach, design interaction between cell capacity, array configuration, and voltage limits
  • Technology impact and future roadmap
  • Key entities in this area (start-ups, research institutes, etc.) and their strategic quests (partnerships, investments, etc.)

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