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For decades, Lithium-ion battery technology has revolutionized a wide array of industries in consumer electronics, industrial tools, and current-generation electric vehicles, among others. The choice for lithium-ion batteries coincided with the popular idiom “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” as it provides little to substantial of everything thing with severe shortcomings. For instance, lifecycle (battery capacity) concerns repetitive quick charging. Battery degradation (expensive EV battery replacement) and fire (a damaged cell can spontaneously catch fire) are serious worries, particularly for the electromobility domain. Lithium-ion packs are relatively energy-dense but are still quite heavy, large, and bulky. These factors have constrained the electrification of larger applications, like commercial electric planes and ships.

From a sustainability perspective, Li-ion battery chemistry needs rare earth materials such as cobalt which are typically very environmentally damaging to mine. They destroy vast ecosystems and even leach out toxic chemicals along with humanitarian concerns such as unhealthy mine working conditions and the use of child labor. To achieve a carbon-neutral economy, the need of the hour for many industries remains an all-rounder battery technology.

Enter, Lithium-sulphur batteries, an invention in the 90s constrained by short cycle-life / lifespan (charging cycles) finally seeing commercial light with a double lifespan than that of Lithium-ion Batteries. With abundant sulfur in nature, high energy density, improved lifespan, and less bulk, the technology is anticipated to revolutionize and electrify many applications such as energy storage systems and renewable systems, aircraft, cargo vessels, and passenger systems ferries, among others.

FutureBridge’s Consultant Deepak Chauhan will look into the latest developments in the Lithium-Sulphur battery domain to understand the application enablement in key industries. This webinar will provide actionable insights on

  • technology evolution and recent developments
  • benchmarks and allied competition
  • electrification demands of mass transit applications
  • technology impact and future roadmap
  • key entities in this area (start-ups, research institutes, etc.) and their strategic quests (partnerships, investments, etc.)

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