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FutureBridge has developed a framework to predict what technologies will play a crucial role in defining how the food industry will develop over the next 1-25 years.

While the framework reveals a host of solutions, it also confirms that the food industry players from across the value chain will need to navigate through plenty of volatility. The top two volatile parameters that will play a crucial role are:

  • consumer acceptance of synthetic foods, and
  • food insecurity challenges.
  • But there is one constant in the future of the food industry, that will remain the key consumer demand – ‘taste’.

In this webinar, Future Bridge senior analyst Edward Bergen, and senior research specialist Abhijitha V will present the Future of Food framework, and how taste technologies may develop in different future scenarios, in very different ways. The challenge of taste will need to meet a host of challenges. Innovators will need to meet reformulations like reducing sugar content or creating plant-based alternatives of animal-derived products or finding new ways to offer consumers new and memorable experiences.

The webinar will highlight which technologies will flourish in the four scenarios, including…

  • adoption of fully synthetic experiences, such as chemical synthesis to form unique and precise flavours
  • exploring alternative technologies that promote natural solutions, such as 3d printing unique structures to deliver new textures
  • identifying renewable ingredients and byproducts, such as growing fungi in residue mycoprotein water to enhance the umami flavour
  • scaling up next-gen solutions, such as using Artificial Intelligence to target specific consumer groups with flavours tailored to their tastes

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