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This webinar unveils the latest innovations in Sustainable Smart Materials for vehicle interior and exterior applications which not only help in achieving circular economy but also replace metal or fossil-based material to make vehicles lighter.

Players explore recycled components, renewable raw materials, and high-performance polymers for Green Mobility

With increased focus on sustainability in the automotive sector to achieve carbon neutrality, car manufacturers and suppliers are pushing for increased adoption of sustainable materials for car interior and exterior. Applications expand from seats and displays to lighting, roofs, and EV battery packaging.

  • The use of recycled materials and bio-based content is increasing in Mobility as players move to replace petroleum-based plastics and comply with regulations. Recently, Miko launched a recyclable microfiber called Dinamica which provides “sustainable luxury” for automotive interior surfaces.
  • High-performance polymers made from sustainable feedstock are being developed from companies such as Neste and DMS;
  • Renewable bioplastics are some of the technologies that players are working on. Röchling Automotive introduced a new patented polylactide (PLA)-based biopolymer that consists of at least 90% renewable raw materials. The company claims that if the proportion of petrochemical plastics in a mid-sized car is replaced by Röchling Automotive’s bioplastics, 515 kilograms of CO2 emissions can be saved per vehicle production.

Smart Materials also address the need for better passenger health driven by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is emphasizing passenger health which becomes a critical dimension of wellbeing for future mobility. As a result, the development of smart fabrics with antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties is in demand. What’s more, Smart sensors based on thermal properties to detect the rise in body temperatures in case of fever or other typical flu symptoms find their way in vehicle interiors.

Join our webinar to learn

  • About promising opportunities for sustainable smart materials in vehicle interiors and exteriors, such as smart fabrics and textiles.
  • Key players behind innovative technologies from our startup trackers and player benchmarking
  • Emerging trends in key Smart Material technologies to address the issues of scarcity or toxicity for sustainable applications


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