Mobility Industry Insider

Successfully navigate tomorrow’s disruptive mobility ecosystem

With mobility shifting to service, embracing digital interfaces and alternative propulsion, we unveil the maturity of enablers and innovation torch-bearers to fine-tune your roadmaps and strategy in the new era of mobility: sustainable & electrified, autonomous & intelligent and multi-modal & shared.

Mobility Insider is a critical techno-commercial lens to uncover mobility’s secrets

  • We dive deep into the technology race to bring you unparalleled insights
  • Get access to our innovative proprietary tools to benchmark advances, players and business models
  • Scout tech, science and partners in the forefront of new mobility race
  • Leverage our expertise in the intersection of multiple sectors to optimize your strategy inception & implementation

Explore how our research and thought leadership in the heart of mobility’s technological and commercial challenges can give you a competitive edge. Whether you are looking for how to turbo-charge your innovation pipeline in electrified and shared mobility or how to shape or monetize new experiences in the automated & intelligent cockpit of the future, our research can lead you to success.


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Benefits of Mobility Industry Insider

Access behind the scenes insights on see-plan-act technology and player ecosystem

Pragmatic assessment of commercial and science roadmaps to sustainable propulsion

Your expert guide to monetization of mobility-as-a-service

Centre for Future Mobility

Our forward looking, integrated and collaborative model delivers on-demand access that guides industry leaders, R&D teams, innovators and industry strategists to navigate an increasingly autonomous, intelligent, connected, electrified and sustainable future. Identifying potential technology, collaboration and growth opportunities we help you assess tech advancements and align to your R&D.

Dynamic tool with actionable intelligence

Clients come to us to understand which technologies, markets and players have the strongest potential in the rapidly changing mobility ecosystem. We unveil critical signals before they become trends in the domains of performance or value improvement, such as Integrated Safety, Passenger Wellness, HMI and ADAS. We continuously monitor advancements that will transform powertrain and propulsion, such as Battery Energy Storage, Quick & Wireless Charging, and provide insights into future mobility, such as new Mobility Business Models, Alternative fuels/net and Vertical Mobility.

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