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Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) technology is set to become standard technology in most modern passenger cars for improved driver and semi-automated driving safety as it continues to be recognized by industry and regulatory groups such as the European Commission’s GSRII and NCAP. In terms of safety, today’s PM systems provide warnings or need manual intervention. Also, sensors are being incorporated to mitigate distraction and drowsiness but their capabilities are limited today.

FutureBridge’s latest assessment of 34 Passenger Monitoring Solutions at various commercial maturity found that many of these solutions expand beyond driver distraction and drowsiness to comply with upcoming regulations to convenience and personalization features. For example, 43% of these PMS provided health monitoring functions. However, only 9% of these systems are commercialized. This shows the future of solutions that could shift passenger monitoring from mitigation to prognosis.

Join our webinar to learn about:

  • The progress in EmotionAI functionality to detect the driver’s emotional state and mood
  • The proliferation of contactless Health Monitoring in Driver Monitoring Systems
  • How multi-modal HMI leveraging voice, haptics, and gestures can enhance driver safety and passenger wellness

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