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Industrial Manufacturing

Product-as-a-Service, the Shifting Model in Industrial Machinery

What triggered the migration from transactional to contractual selling? Industrial ‘Machinery & Equipment’ manufacturers are...

Industrial Manufacturing

Inorganic Growth – Potential Target Identification for Acquisition in Industrial Chillers

The market demand for industrial chillers is growing in the North American and European markets. With an increasing market...

Industrial Manufacturing

Identifying Early Signals for Technologies and Applications in Raw Water – 2030

The raw water intake segment is expected to witness an increased usage in newer applications. The emerging and expected...

Industrial Manufacturing

Go-to-market Strategy Recommendation for High Pressure Gas Compressors

The demand for high-pressure gas compressors is sluggish now but expected to grow. The growth will be due to factors such as an...

Technology Trends Analysis & Competitive Intelligence to Define Future Growth Strategy

Industrial Manufacturing

Increased competition with low-cost labour countries has brought pressure on the industry to increase the rate of innovation....

Market Potential Assessment of the Electric & Battery Powered Demolition Tools

Industrial Manufacturing

The demand for Electric & Battery Powered Demolition Tools is expected to witness a spurt due to the construction activity...

Impact of COVID-19 on the Compressors Industry

Industrial Manufacturing

This is an assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on the Compressors industry, the value chain, business functions, and its...


Industrial Manufacturing

The need to provide services and solutions that supplement traditional product offerings is known as servitization. This paper...

New Business Opportunity Assessment for Mining Equipment Player

Industrial Manufacturing

Aftermarket business for mining capital equipment has been growing steadily and provides a stable revenue in a cyclical market....

Assessment of Digital Solutions for Monitoring Ground Engagement Tools

Industrial Manufacturing

Companies offering Ground Engagement Tools (GETs) are getting influenced by digitization and other new technologies as they...

Industry Landscape: 3D Printing in Construction Industry

Industrial Manufacturing

A leader in lifting businesses wanted to understand the current and future trends in 3D printing in the construction...

Strategy Development based on Digitalization Offerings and As-a-Service model

Industrial Manufacturing

A global leader in food packaging and processing wanted to develop a robust 2030 strategy of ‘integrating & optimizing...

Defining Global Strategy and Positioning for Healthcare Robotics

Industrial Manufacturing Robotics and Automation

Robotics in the healthcare industry is experiencing significant growth with the identification of newer use-cases and...

Optimizing Productivity, Cost, & Quality KPIs for a Food Industry Leader

Industrial Manufacturing

The demand for food products has continued to rise. With an aim to meet the rising demand, a milk products and biscuits...

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