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Effective delivery of a drug molecule to its target has always been in the focus of researchers around the globe. This not only can reduce the drug dose and frequency of administration but can save patients from various side effects. Besides that, an efficient method of drug delivery is not only convenient for the physicians but have proven to be a boon to the patients. Technology developers are working on various aspects of effective and efficient drug delivery through innovative devices, novel formulations, digitalization and drug activation systems, that would drastically change the future of drug delivery and open new doors of business opportunities in the field. 

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview of the Drug-Delivery Systems
  2. Objectives of Efficient Drug Delivery
  3. Advantages and Challenges in the Domain
  4. Therapeutic Modalities and Available Drug Delivery Systems/Technologies/Platforms
  5. Innovative Technologies Addressing the Gaps in the Domain
    • Acoustic Cluster Therapy
    • CNS Therapy
    • Lipid Nanoparticles
  6. Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System – Player ecosystem
    • Startups
    • SMEs
    • Big Players
    • Academia
  7. Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System – IP Activity
    • Year wise
    • Geography wise
    • Player activity

Research Methodology

The research methodology is a combination of extensive primary and secondary research. This includes analyzing patent literature, scientific articles, market data, regulations, industry-specific news, startup activities, investments, transactions, and collaborations.

Our research methodology draws upon interviews with participant players in the value chain, coupled with analyses and insights from FutureBridge analysts and consultants covering the industry landscape.

Key data points and developments across the industry and research are monitored and analyzed by our in-house experts to spot technology trends, scout for emerging opportunities, and provide contextual insights.

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