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The decarbonization of Mobility sits on the top of the agenda of regulators, vehicle manufacturers, and major automotive suppliers to meet environmental and carbon neutrality goals.

Long-term policies and strategies that commit to sustainable, resilient energy systems are needed to provide confidence that hydrogen investments will be profitable for decades to come. Hydrogen infrastructure networks continue to be developed in areas where vehicle manufacturers, hydrogen providers, and governments share an interest in paving the way for greater fuel cell vehicle deployment. Hydrogen refueling standards, refueling station permitting processes, demonstration of safety measure effectiveness in new applications are some areas in Hydrogen deployment which need attention.

As with most technologies, the initial development and deployment phases of fuel cell technology are heavily dependent on government policies and incentives. To various extents and for various reasons, governments of China, the US, European nations, and Japan have promoted the development of the fuel cell industry, investing heavily in the core technology research and establishing subsidy policies and medium/long-term strategic plans.

As the emission norms become more stringent to meet environmental goals and carbon-neutrality, hydrogen-powered mobility is taking full advantage of its zero-emission characteristic to penetrate the traditional fossil-fuel market. In mobility, hydrogen is perfectly suited for commercial, heavy-duty on- and off-road vehicles, as well as high-horsepower engines, giving it the potential to decarbonize transportation and logistics.

Join our webinar to understand :

  • State of the art of policy instruments across major geographies for hydrogen-powered long-haul transportation (e..g. mandates and support schemes for Zero and Low Emission Vehicles commercialization)
  • Impact of regulations and standards on the adoption of Alternate Fuels and the commercialization strategies of OEMs and suppliers
  • Which geographies present the most favorable environment for Hydrogen Mobility roadmaps by major economies



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