Home Wireless Power Transfer: Future of EV Charging

Transportation Sector contributes to one-fourth of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and is growing. Electrification in the Transportation Sector is one of the pathways to reducing GHG emissions and meeting the decarbonization goals of the sector. One of the major challenges in the electrification of the sector is the need for recharging the batteries which is both time-consuming and increases cost. Can the EVs be charged while on the go without the need for cables and other accessories?

This webinar will uncover various technologies for the wireless charging of EVs along with the advantages and challenges faced by each one of them. We will also talk about various topologies and configurations while exploring which one is best suited for static and dynamic applications

FutureBridge explores and showcase the potential opportunities and challenges faced by various Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technologies and the advancement in each one of them in this webinar, covering

  • Various technologies in WPT with their advantages and disadvantages
  • Focus on Inductive Power Transfer, topologies, design consideration, and technological advancement
  • Standards for Wireless Power Transfer
  • Startups and recent research on “in-Wheel Power Transfer and Online Electric Vehicles”

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