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A new generation of voice assistants is emerging in vehicle interiors, a “humanized Mobility Companion” which leverages AI to understand human emotions, voice, and biometrics to learn driver preferences and provide predictive personalization.

Three market forces are converging today paving the way for Passenger Companions. Virtual personal assistants are expanding from consumer electronics to modern vehicle interiors. At the same time, cars are building emotional intelligence (EQ) with the use of AI to progress from accident mitigation to predictive safety. Finally, as mobility shifts to a service, it elevates the role of User Experience requiring new, personalized services.

Voice interface will be the cornerstone of this humanized, multi-modal car HMI unlocking opportunities for product differentiation and new services. Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX and Cerence’s Conversational AI are among the commercialized solutions demonstrating some of these functionalities today. But further innovation is needed in the domains of speech recognition, contextual awareness, and empathetic capabilities to pave the way to Mobility Companions.

In this webinar,

– Analyse the progress of technological advancements in voice recognition and multi-modal HMI to support the wide commercialization of “Mobility Companions”

– Unveil key trends in scientific research to map technology roadmaps in Voice-AI HMI

– Present our findings from the assessment of solutions from leading & emerging players

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