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Consumer demand for transparency is driving food supply chain innovations

Increasingly, consumers are seeking information about how their food is produced, proof of where it comes from and assurance that it is safe. These trends are impacting the end-to-end supply chain, with a demand for transparency driving innovation.

Employing traceability and transparency throughout the global supply chain will aid food & beverage companies to succeed in business by acquiring customer loyalty and trust. Even though international and domestic regulations can amplify the intricacy of the global food supply chain, IoT technology can make it convenient for both companies and consumers to track products.

Achieving transparency through disruptive technologies

In this webinar, we will be analyzing disruptive technologies that are elevating engagement and transparency from “farm to fork” including QR codes, NFC, and blockchain.

As IoT technologies become ubiquitous, QR codes, NFC, and blockchain are increasingly deployed as tools to elevate engagement and transparency. Brands choosing to rely on these innovations, such as Domino’s and Walmart, are helping ensure that food is produced, prepared, and distributed with a foremost emphasis on health and safety.

As these technologies continue to become more intelligent, well-connected, and embraced by leading food producers, consumers should rest assured that they’ll always be able to know exactly what they’re eating, where it’s from, and whether it’s safe.

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