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The past five years have seen substantial changes in consumer lifestyles and preferences. While the majority of the population is preferring to stay and work from the comfort of their homes, there is a considerable emphasis on eating healthy. Full course meals are getting replaced by multiple snacking occasions in a day. Traditional snacking has transformed in more ways than one in all parts of the world. Hence, players are exploring new products and innovative solutions to keep up with the changing trends in snack consumption like mindful snacking, no sugar options, and health-enhancing ingredients.

FutureBridge Consultant Sukanya Nag will look into the latest trends in the snacking industry, along with the latest disruptions in the segments, early-stage solutions, and key players with promising technologies, and also highlight the future trends that are sure to stay and impact the snack food manufacturers.

This webinar will provide you with insights on the biggest challenges being faced by the snacking industry, emerging Better-For-You concepts, and interesting breakthrough technologies that can be key to capitalizing on the snackification trend.

The webinar will deliver actionable insights on

  • the evolution of snacking trends around the world
  • the market needs and how consumer emotions are connected to snacking?
  • how are the buying behaviors getting influenced?
  • key researches undergoing to keep up with the changing snacking needs – ingredient or technology-focused
  • the startups that are capitalizing on this trend with their innovative solutions
  • the packaging players augmenting this trend through package design
  • the successful concepts and product formats that hold promise for rapid growth potential in the future

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