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This webinar is part of a webinar series on “Disruptive technologies for electrification”.

Hydrogen fuel cells are still in their infancy but hydrogen is a promising alternative for the long-haul, heavy-duty transport to meet zero to neutral tailpipe emission requirements because of the advantages of range, cost, and emissions compared to battery propulsion.

Today, the application of hydrogen as a fuel is not a popular option for transportation because of the low volumetric energy density of hydrogen (0.01 MJ/l); a limited number of efficient onboard storage options in FCEVs; high cost of production; difficulties in handling and distribution; and lack of seamless hydrogen infrastructure network.

Recent developments on catalysts are key to the future of fuel cell technology and the large-scale commercialization of clean electric power for transportation, as they can reduce fuel cell costs, by reducing the use of precious metals, improving durability through innovative catalyst layer designs, and increasing robustness to a range of operating conditions.

Join our webinar to understand:

  • The findings of the latest academic research to reduce cost and increase the performance of fuel cells, including new materials and new catalysts
  • Explore recent commercialization plans of major players and innovative startups to scale fuel cells in passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Learn about techno-commercial road-maps across sub-domains and supporting infrastructure

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