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With growing awareness of water scarcity and conservation, the need for minimal water-based washing is indeed going to be a reality in the years to come. Waterless technology involves the development of products that do not require water as a primary ingredient, for example, a typical shower uses about 2-2.5 gallons of water per minute, whereas a waterless body wash can save up to 20 gallons of water per use thereby conserving a precious resource and reducing the carbon footprint of these industries.

Waterless products are more concentrated, meaning that less product is needed to achieve the same results which will intent help in gaining new markets and opening new product segments since it would promote a sustainable environment such as the development of portable machines utilizing charged air particles for cleaning or waterless shampoos, and body bath.

Joining our webinar provides you with key insights and takeaways on the following:

  • Problems of extensive water consumption for personal hygiene?
  • Introduction to waterless technology
  • Benefits and areas under development?
  • What are the approaches adopted by home and personal care players?
  • What are some of the interesting use cases in the industry?
  • FutureBridge’s take and prognosis on the future of waterless technology

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