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Sodium reduction is a growing trend in the food industry which is largely driven by the regulatory pressure forcing companies to reduce sodium in their food products. Though there is nothing like “Aspartame” in Sodium reduction solutions food company struggles to cut down cost while adopting sodium reduction solutions. In addition, there is no one-stop solution for sodium reduction. With the wide range of functionalities of sodium chloride, it is challenging to reduce sodium chloride in food while maintaining the cost.

Aspiring food players need to find a niche, something unique to make them stand out above the very busy crowd. As a result, players are exploring every possible ingredient solution, production, and process technology that offers reduced sodium content, health & safety, taste, texture, functionality, and beyond.

FutureBridge Consultant Sukanya Nag will look into the latest trends in the sodium reduction space, in order to understand how different segments are developing, including partial salt replacers, structural modification, flavors, enhancers, etc. Sukanya will identify the disruptive, up-and-coming technologies, and highlight key players, and the ingredients that will make an impact.

This webinar will leave you with some ideas of possible techno-commercial strategies across sodium reduction in food, including delving deep into early-stage patent filings and publications. It will cover

  • Regulatory requirements and health concerns driving sodium reduction trend
  • The current state of sodium reduction in food and what’s next
  • Conventional and new solutions/concepts/ingredients available for the reduction of sodium in food products
  • Challenges in reducing sodium salt in food products
  • Strategies to overcome sodium reduction challenges specific to food applications

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