Home Production Control: Advanced Sensors for Manufacturing Processes

One of the essential requirements of smart factories involves in-line quality control which uses various tools and techniques to identify defects or errors in the production process and to make corrections in real-time to prevent further defects from occurring. Sensors play a crucial role in in-line quality control as they are used to collect data on various aspects of the production process, including measurements, environmental conditions, and product characteristics. The data collected by sensors is then analyzed in real-time to identify any deviations from the desired quality standards.

This webinar will highlight the evolution of a(from basic measurements to smart and intelligent sensors), and focus on their changing role in smart factories. It will also provide some challenges faced by the industry for in-line sensors, case examples from key industries, and success stories of implementation.

The participants will be able to understand the landscape of current and future sensor technologies. The advantages and challenges, of the below categories of sensors, will be the key takeaways:

  • Simple physical measurements – temperature/humidity / O2
  • Physical characteristics/property analysis – spectrum/fingerprinting / DNA / lab based / wavelet /
  • Intelligent sensors – comparable to human capabilities/decision making/manipulation/optimization/tomography / hyperspectral cameras / 3D Cameras/machine vision

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