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Crop production is struggling to keep up with the need to feed the growing population and the challenge is intensified by the adverse effects of climate change. In addition to this, agriculture also adversely affects climate change by contributing a big number to greenhouse gas emissions. Precision agriculture is one of the important advancements in space to address these challenges by improving productivity and optimizing resources.

Precision agriculture is redefining the future of the food industry by improving farm productivity using cutting-edge advanced technologies such as drones, sensors, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and many more. In addition to improving productivity, these advanced technologies also help to achieve sustainability goals through efficient resource management.

This webinar focuses on precision agriculture technologies and their application in improving crop yields and efficient resource management. Join our webinar to get actionable insights:

  • Need for precision agriculture and its impact on farming
  • Opportunities created by precision agriculture technologies
  • Identify agri-tech start-ups focusing on precision agriculture technologies
  • Identify corporate giants focusing on precision agriculture technologies through collaborations with start-ups

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