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Vertical mobility: the 3rd dimension of future mobility

Over the next decade, individual mobility is expected to enter the 3rd dimension expanding vertically to flying taxis and private drones. The convergence of commercialization roadmaps between materials, manufacturing, and EVTOL with safety and air space management regulations could unlock passenger or cargo-carrying air transportation services within and around a metropolitan environment.

FutureBridge bringing a much-needed reality check to the hype

Some of the latest developments in this space include Munich-based air taxi startup Lilium raising $240 million in Mar’20 led by China’s Tencent. Their electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft is scheduled to launch and operate from 2025. Back in Sep’19, Daimler-backed Volocopter made their first urban flight in Europe at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

FutureBridge’s Mobility Insider team captures innovation and transformation in this space, including disruptive technologies for VTOL, emerging player ecosystems around actors like Airbus, Blade, Ascent, and Uber, and market initiatives to develop sky ports. Our detailed analyses highlight risky pitfalls and untapped opportunities for various leaders in the current transportation value chain.

Attend our webinar to 

  • learn how players are trying to solve the techno-commercial roadblocks to Air Urban Mobility, incl. safety regulation, infrastructure and technical capabilities for EVTOL;
  • gain insights on the readiness level and commercialization plans of UAM aircraft from major players and innovative startups;
  • understand the strategies of key players to capture a slice of the emerging market, including top M&As, partnerships
  • explore which geographies and innovation hubs hold the strongest potential to introduce Vertical mobility first

Here are the Q&A’s from the live webinar session.

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