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An alarming 1.6 billion tonnes of edible food is wasted globally every year. This corresponds to about one-third of global food production. But what some companies need to consider is that technology has an important role to play to help reduce the amount of wasted food. 

As today’s consumers are now more educated than ever about the negative effects the food & beverage industry is having on our environment, players are looking for new innovative solutions to cut food waste and create a more positive brand image.

Food waste from farm to fork

Whether its intelligent sensors on the packaging or turning food waste into a product, solutions for food waste are emerging and being identified across the entire food and beverage value chain.

From disruptive start-ups to research institutes, we will showcase innovative solutions that are currently being put under the spotlight for food waste on our Industry Insider program. For example, blockchain and AI are becoming key tech solutions for food waste such as the startup Goodr which uses an app to connect business with local charities and Ripe which is helping companies form a more transparent digital food supply chain. We will also bring forward new concepts in this space such as Apeel which is using an invisible, edible coating from wasted agricultural products to Winnow technology which recently received 12M Series B funding for its.

Why attend this webinar?

Gain insight into some of the industry’s most pressing questions;

  • Which startups and research institutes are bringing new innovative solutions to the F&B industry with regards to food waste?
  • What strategic direction should be taken to cut food waste?
  • Where to look for leading technologies and disruptive innovations in this space?

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