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It is claimed that the food and nutrition industry has made around 905 sustainability promises in 2019 alone.

The modern consumer demand for more sustainable food and beverage products is nothing new in our industry today. In a 2017 study, new products with sustainability and traceability claims exceeded all other new product platform territories including portion control, taste or flavor, easy preparation and functional nutrition. As a result, food manufacturers made a notable increase in their commitment and promotion of sustainability policies and practices.

Companies including Danone, Nestle, Unilever, PepsiCo and General Mills, are beginning to make serious commitments to environmental sustainability and investing significant sums of money in sustainability initiatives.

The question that we will be focusing in on for this session is; what are companies doing to meet these sustainable targets and what can we learn from their journey so far?

From sustainable agriculture to packaging: looking at all aspects of a products life-cycle

Conserving water, recycling waste, reducing plastic use, and creating a transparent supply chain are just a few of the measures food companies are taking in an effort to promote sustainability while feeding the world. A key part of this effort is partnering with environmental groups and innovative start-ups to take their sustainability mission to the next level.

By combining our in-house research and data analytics capabilities with our research team’s deep domain and industry know-how in the food and beverage ecosystem we will analyze the sustainability strategies of some of these companies to see what is working and what is not as they work towards turning these promises into deliverable. We will also identify similar technologies and innovations that may aid you in your own sustainable journey.

In this webinar we:

  • focus in on what’s driving the shift towards building a more sustainable food system
  • spotlight the technology advances and innovations of several companies’ as they work towards meeting their goals
  • analyze innovations from start-ups and research institutes that could aid you in your own sustainable efforts

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