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Good for-profit and the planet….

Food loss and waste cause about $940 billion per year in economic losses while food & beverage packaging accounts for almost two-thirds of total packaging waste.

This inefficiency has enormous economic, environmental, and social consequences.

In this session, we will highlight some of the breakthrough innovations that are aiding companies to develop more sustainable packaging solutions for their products while also looking at how intelligent packaging can play a role in increasing transparency and decreasing food waste in the industry.

This session will give insight into some of the industry’s most pressing questions in this space:

  • What are the opportunities and challenges of utilizing sustainable packaging?
  • Which biodegradable packaging solutions should be considered for your product category?
  • Which intelligent packaging technologies should be considered to reduce food waste?
  • Where to look for the leading technologies and disruptive innovations in this space?
  • Who are the players embracing this movement and incorporating these innovations into their packaged products?

Note:  Click here to access Questions and Answers from the live webinar session.

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