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Metabolism is altered in tumor cells and numerous inhibitors that target these metabolic pathways are currently being developed as treatments. There is growing evidence to suggest that food and nutrition positively impact the immune activity within the tumor microenvironment. In addition to the metabolic inhibitors being developed in clinics as treatments for cancer, it is crucial to explore the potential preventative and treatment value of nutrition and the active components of our food.

Together, let’s explore how food and nutrition can become integral parts of cancer prevention measures and potential treatment strategies. FutureBridge’s Oncology & Nutrition Experts will cover:

  • What are the altered metabolic pathways, and what are the inhibitors being developed in clinics that target these pathways?
  • How can anti-inflammatory foods help in the prevention of cancer?
  • What are the potential active molecules extracted from our natural food sources that may benefit cancer patients as part of a combination strategy with conventional drugs?
  • Can add-on nutritional support help cancer patients and improve their quality of life?

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