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Smart factories of the future will employ advanced digital technologies and enable real-time control of the manufacturing processes. In such scenarios, an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) will have the potential to help manufacturing enterprises achieve a greater degree of operational visibility and traceability. Further, the convergence of multiple technologies such as digital twins, self-optimization, machine learning, etc. will enhance the role of MES, prompting companies to upgrade their systems for new features and functionalities.

This webinar will provide insight into how MES is evolving rapidly with the onset of digital transformation and advanced technologies. It will provide an overview of key factors such as advanced analytics, cloud-based architecture, AI/ML, cybersecurity, AR/VR and others—that are shaping up the next-generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It will highlight some of the key challenges that manufacturers are currently facing (or might face in the future) in implementing advanced MES. Moreover, the webinar will also help participants understand the new capabilities and features that will be required for future MES in the mid-to-long term.

The webinar will also focus on:

  • Key challenges of implementing advanced MES
  • New capabilities w.r.t. software, hardware, human resource
  • New features in MES; importance, prioritization, and mapping

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