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A wave of new innovative technologies, such as 3D LiDAR, 4D Radar, 3D semantic cameras and HD maps hold strong potential to enable better and cheaper ADAS in vehicles and level-up in Autonomous Driving.

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  • about innovative companies behind breakthrough technologies to unlock Level 3 and 4-Automated Driving
  • Understand the progress of innovation in next-generation radars, lidars, and cameras
  • about the collaborative business models and industry consolidation

Start-ups and Tier 1s working on next-gen tech to bridge the tech between L2 and L3/4.

The democratization of next-level autonomy needs further innovation in Vision systems to provide a better performance, enhanced perception robustness while keeping the cost low. A number of new technologies hold strong potential to enable mainstream adoption of Autonomous Mobility.

  • 3D LiDAR, FMCW, System-on-Chip technology for miniaturization of lidars.
  • 4D, Single-chip imaging radars for improved object detection and resolution
  • 3D semantic, satellite cameras,
  • new materials,

We will covers technology advancements in ADAS sensors and their market outlook to help you capture the pulse of innovation.

New regulation in 2021 allows Level 3 Autonomous Driving but innovation in sensor tech is still needed

Mobility entered a new phase in 2021 with Automated Driving Regulation for Lv.3, called Automated Lane Keeping Systems, coming into force in UNECE and adopted by Europe and Japan, among other countries. Established carmakers such as BMW, Nissan, and Honda have already announced the shift to Lv.3-Conditional Automation later in 2021 joined by new entrants such as NIO.

Also, we will delve into the emerging trends in ADAS sensors driven by regulatory mandates as well as engineering requirements for safety. This webinar covers vision system technologies for Autonomous Driving in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and mobility services (AMoD).

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