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Approximately one-third (34%) of greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to the global food systems. Recently, consumers have been increasingly seeking products that are convenient, safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly. The growing concerns regarding the environment, carbon emissions, and rising costs have generated a need for novel green approaches and technologies. Green approaches in the food industry refer to environmentally friendly practices and technologies used in food manufacture, production, packaging, transportation, and storage to reduce negative impacts on the environment and combat climate change.

In this webinar, Aishwarya R, a biotechnologist passionate about disruptive and sustainable technologies within the F&B industry, will share insights and opinions on how manufacturers, suppliers, and brands can enhance their sustainability objectives in a cost-effective and smart way, aligning with forthcoming environmental regulations and consumer expectations. Aishwarya will also shed light on early-stage research exploring responsible integration of climate-conscious practices in food production, reduction of emissions during manufacturing, and the development of eco-conscious goods.

Join us to learn why green practices are important for sustainable food production. Also, know –

  • Why should companies capitalize on their sustainable activities to increase their ESG score?
  • Does ESG affect the financial performance of companies?
  • How are your peers driving sustainable food production?
  • Which are the early-stage innovations that can be implemented to reduce carbon emissions and generate eco-friendly products in the food and beverage industry?
  • What is the way forward? What is FutureBridge’s take on green practices and sustainability, and what are the key areas to watch?

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