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Effective delivery of a drug molecule to its target has always been the focus of researchers around the globe. This not only can reduce the drug dose and frequency of administration but can save patients from various side effects. Besides that, an efficient method of drug delivery is not only convenient for the physicians but has proven to be a boon to the patients. Technology developers are working on various aspects of effective and efficient drug delivery through innovative devices, novel formulations, digitalization, and drug activation systems, that would drastically change the future of drug delivery and open new doors of business opportunities in the field.

Our webinar focuses on the current challenges and unmet needs the pharma industry is facing at the moment and on the latest innovations that are happening to counter these unmet needs.

Key topics covered in the webinar include:

  • current unmet needs in drug delivery esp. potent and expensive drug molecules
  • latest innovations in the domain and which unmet needs they are addressing
  • technologies that are expected to disrupt the drug delivery market
  • Which start-ups are working on innovative ideas?
  • Where are the most lucrative opportunities in the domain?

If you have any specific questions that you would like to be addressed, send them in to prakash.dogra@futurebridge.com

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