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Healthy aging space is gaining popularity in recent years. Healthy aging can be attributed to various factors like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, physical and mental well-being, and social engagement. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through food and dietary supplements is one of the ways to promote healthy aging. The functional food & beverages and dietary supplements with active compounds targeting healthy aging in consumable format are being highlighted as major trends. Living longer in better health is not only a priority for the elderly but also for the millennials. In a consumer survey, conducted in 2023, it was found that one in three consumers globally started to take active steps towards healthy aging after crossing the age of 30.

With the growing aging population, especially in the developed regions, the research, and development in the food & nutrition space targeting healthy aging is continuously expanding. Healthy aging claims are starting to appear on food and beverages as younger generations prefer functional food over the classic supplement formats. Until 2013, researchers discovered only nine hallmarks of aging it is now advanced to five additional categories. The pace of innovation in this category presents a range of opportunities for companies looking to enter the market through a consumer product approach. The greatest challenge faced by F&B companies is to incorporate these healthy aging compounds into food and beverage solutions due to stringent regulatory requirements.

Our consultant Saujanya will showcase the trends in the healthy aging market, factors contributing to aging, active ingredients in the healthy aging space, food and supplement solutions solving aging-related health concerns, and the competitive landscape in the healthy aging market. This webinar will help you to understand the various opportunities for food and beverage players in the healthy aging space and what strategies are needed to stay ahead in the competition.

Join our webinar to learn about:

  • Interventions in the food and nutrition industry solving healthy aging challenges. How is it evolving?
  • Trends in healthy aging solutions
  • Technologies behind healthy aging solutions and challenges
  • Market competitiveness: Strategies adopted by emerging start-ups and players to stay competitive in the market
  • The “future of healthy aging” in the food & nutrition industry

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