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Steel, one of the key materials on which our modern world is built, comes with a severe problem of energy-intensive production. The global steel sector accounts for up to 8% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions making it one of the most polluting industries. As a result, the last few decades focussed increasingly on enhancing the quality and productivity of steel. Still, the simultaneous focus is recently being put on reducing the CO2 emissions from the global manufacturing sector. “Green Steel,” also known as “carbon-neutral steel,” is an ambiguous term for producing steel without using fossil-based energy such as coal, natural gas, etc.

Transformative technologies such as DRI (Direct Reduction Iron), Hydrogen-Direct Reduction (H-DR), and various other proprietary technologies and processes such as HYBRIT (SSAB) are making numerous news for producing 100% carbon-neutral steel. As of today, the focus of steelmakers is increasingly towards commercializing hydrogen-based steel production methods with vastly improved emissions profiles.

Green hydrogen produced by electrolysis processes from renewable sources can substitute carbon. It can also completely decarbonize the steel manufacturing processes. However, its process commercialization is in its infancy, and availability is not on par with the industrial scale. Further, green steel production relies on technologies and infrastructure to produce and handle green hydrogen commercially.

The webinar is targeted globally at all the stakeholders of the steel value chain (steel producers, investors, steel consumers, and associations, among others). This webinar will provide insights and discuss questions (not limiting):

  • How critical is the transition to green steel production for the long-term Net Zero economy?
  • As a steel consumer, how can green steel support your net zero transition and up your competitive edge?
  • Which is the most optimal reduction technology for scale and impact the steel producer should pursue?
  • What are the key regulations and governments’ action plans for green steel across significant markets?
  • Who are the key entities in the domain one can collaborate with to realize their green steel strategy?
  • Which are key cases of how major steel makers are moving forward on their decarbonization journey?

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