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Neuromodulation is continuously witnessing disruption through advanced technology platforms and slowing shifting its focus to personalized care and digitalization. With the increasing understanding of the brain and nervous system along with technical advancements around wearables, wireless communication, miniaturization, and neuroimaging & computational models have aided the engineering of sophisticated implantable devices to control neural activities.

This has opened new opportunities for its application in treating neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, depression, etc. Digital health integration and sensing technologies have shifted the focus to personalized care, thus enabling increased patient access to neuromodulation therapies.

Join our webinar where we will be discussing the future potential of neuromodulation devices:

What are the recent advancements happened in the neuromodulation devices space?
How are technologies enabling personalization in neuromodulation?
How digitalization could be used to improve neuromodulation devices?
How does neuroimaging play a vital role in neuromodulation?
What does the future look like for neuromodulation devices?

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