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Hydrogen Mobility is still in its infancy but hydrogen is a promising alternative for long-haul, heavy-duty transport to meet zero to neutral tailpipe emission requirement. Synthetic biofuels are climate-neutral and have significant benefits compared to traditional fuels.

The Hydrogen mobility ecosystem is gaining pace, but innovation is still needed to make H2 competitive. Technological innovations focus on tackling the distribution complexity, optimizing Fuel Cells and extending the lifetime of ICE. Efforts to reduce the price of Green Hydrogen have increased.

FutureBridge’s Mobility experts analyzed the innovation landscape, player activities and assess the potential of emerging technologies in Hydrogen, fuel cells and e-fuels.

Join our webinar to understand:

  • Findings of the latest academic research to reduce cost of Green Hydrogen and increase performance of fuel cells, including new materials and new catalysts
  • Recent commercialization plans of major players and innovative startups to scale fuel cells in passenger cars and commercial vehicles;
  • Techno-commercial road-maps across sub-domains and supporting infrastructure.

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