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FutureBridge’s Food & Nutrition Insider presents our Top 5 Technology Trend predictions that will be disrupting the industry in 2020.

The Food & Nutrition industry faces unprecedented change, with higher safety standards, stricter government regulation and ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences. As the industry continues to evolve, sector leaders are looking to transformative technologies and solutions to respond, adapt and grow.

By combining our in-house research and data analytics capabilities with our research team’s deep domain and industry know-how in the food and beverage ecosystem we have identified 5 Technology Trends that will be shaking up the industry in 2020.

In this webinar, we will delve deep into these technologies and exploring their potential impact. These technologies are:

1. Make it Microbial

Forget animals, plants, and even meat cultured from the lab, we are predicting microbes to become the next big thing in the alternative protein space. We are witnessing a new wave of innovative startups utilizing algae, yeasts, fungi, biomass and even thin air (Yes, air!) capable of producing alternative protein sources.

2. Breaking Boundaries with Blockchain

We expect 2020 to be the year that blockchain finally moves into the mainstream. During 2019 we witnessed mixed views on this technology with some saying it was over-hyped and perhaps not as useful as first thought. It is fast becoming a key solution provider for several problems across the supply chain including food waste, food safety & quality, transparency, traceability and protection.

3. Reaching 100% Recyclable Materials

Sustainable packaging solutions has been a highly active topic on our Industry Insider program this year and we expect next year to be no different. As consumers continue to backlash single-use plastics, big brands are forced to rethink and reinvent packaging. We expect packaging from 100% recyclable materials will be a key focus area for these players in 2020.

4. AI making Innovation Easy

It is no longer enough to know what the consumer wants today. Companies have to anticipate what they want tomorrow. With its power to analyze data and spot trends, artificial intelligence is being used to develop new flavours and foods for brand owners. Conagra Brands Inc., McCormick & Co. and Pepsico Inc. are among the big players using AI to cook up new concepts and we expect others to pick up on this trend as we move into 2020.

5. Digitalized DNA-Diets

The rising trend of customization has prompted a strong rise in new technologies providing solutions from personalized pills (persona) to at-home testing kits (Viome). Driven by the wider wellness trend, we expect the big food and beverage players to begin leveraging this emerging tech through alliances and collaborations to ensure they don’t miss out on this revenue stream.

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