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The recent developments in computing technologies have revolutionized the “Factory of the Future,” making modeling and simulation much more robust, fast, and accessible. The digital domain is defined as taking information about the product, process, or environment from the real world into a computer system and manipulating it to mimic the real world in order to analyze the same. New tools and technologies have made every step much easier, ultimately simplifying or eliminating the tasks in the real world.

The webinar will highlight key challenges that prohibited the adoption of digital domain technologies across applications in the manufacturing industry particularly in building the “Factory of the Future,” and how recent developments have resolved most of these challenges. The webinar will map and prioritize the non-traditional applications, while highlighting a few cases where organizations have already eliminated a physical process with a digital one. And lastly, the webinar will create a future timeline indicating features, applications, and evolution of various performance parameters related to these technologies.

There is huge potential in utilizing the digital domain in every part of the product lifecycle from design to end-of-life; as well as for every stakeholder from developers, manufacturers, sellers, and consumers. This webinar will highlight how different stakeholders across functions and industries can create value and make their processes agile using the power of the digital domain. It will also talk about tools and technologies available today and how few players are already using them in much more than the traditional use cases.

The webinar will summarize:

  • New and traditional applications of digital domain technologies: advantages, value creation, and solution to existing process challenges
  • Features, capabilities, and technologies: A roadmap for the next 5 Years
  • Success stories: The non-traditional use cases of the digital domain

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