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Direct Air Capture (DAC) plays an important and growing role in net zero pathways. Capturing CO2 directly from the air and permanently storing it removes the CO2 from the atmosphere, providing a way to balance emissions that are difficult to avoid, including from long-distance transport and heavy industry, as well as offering a solution for legacy emissions. Air-captured CO2 can also be used as a climate-neutral feedstock for a range of products that require a source of carbon.

This webinar will uncover various DAC technologies, business models deployed, current and future market trends, and a roadmap to technologies. It will also showcase the bottlenecks to commercialization and the associated regulations.

This webinar explores the growing momentum behind direct air capture, together with the opportunities and challenges for scaling up the deployment of direct air capture technologies consistent with net zero goals. It considers the current status of these technologies, their potential for cost reductions, their future energy needs, and the optimal locations for direct air capture facilities.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • DAC technology development status and its industrial maturity
  • DAC technology developers
  • DAC technology-associated challenges/bottlenecks
  • DAC technology’s future potential

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