Home Digitalization in Ophthalmology – Towards Patient Monitoring & Smart Surgery

Ophthalmology faces many challenges in providing effective and meaningful eye care to an increasing group of patients. Recent advancements in diagnostic tools and therapeutic technology, such as lasers, have improved patient outcomes, but the related cost is too expensive for patients or healthcare providers to bear. Digitalization can offer an effective value proposition to patients, doctors, and healthcare corporations for all issues.

Lack of early and accurate diagnosis, limited access to clinical care, high procedural cost, and low disease awareness among the general population are some of the issues that further suggest the need for digitalization in ocular patient care. Smartphone-based at-home pupillometer, augmented reality-based contact lenses, virtual eye simulations for metaverse, and AI-powered video game software for disease diagnosis are some of the emerging examples of digital innovations being used in the ophthalmology domain. These advancements create an interdependent ecosystem that provides opportunities to create new eye care models that address patients with acute and chronic eye diseases. Future developments in telemedicine and smart surgery will increase access to more effective healthcare delivery and free up clinical resources, especially for people living in rural and distant places. Our webinar will focus on these aspects of digitalization in ophthalmology:

  • Importance & pressing need for digitalization in ophthalmology
  • Emerging patient monitoring & smart surgery solutions
  • Geographical uptake of digitalization in ophthalmology
  • Opportunities generated through recent innovations
  • Future prospects for digitalization in ophthalmology

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