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The digital revolution in packaging has improved asset and inventory management, track and trace capabilities, end to end visibility of medical device products. Digital packaging solutions are positively impacting various supply chain-related issues by contributing to maintaining stringent hygienic environments, and ensuring high security and pack integrity of the medical device products while they move from manufacturers to end-users.

While digitalization has allowed the players to address various treatment-related unmet needs like adherence, patient centricity, etc., and other aspects like sustainability, etc. but it has its challenges as well like sterilization, regulatory compliance, material selection, cost, etc. As digitalization continues to cover different aspects of packaging keeping patients at the center, players need to start thinking about packaging early in the new product development cycle to tackle some of the challenges. We’ll be discussing how players are using digital packaging as a strategy in the medical device space to remain competitive.

Join our webinar to understand:

  • The range of innovative digital packaging solutions offered by medical device players
  • How digitalized packaging is impacting the overall value chain
  • How players are creating value for different stakeholders through digital/smart packaging
  • The challenges posed by regulatory guidelines for the digitalization of medical device packaging
  • Start-ups that are revolutionizing this space
  • Strategies adopted by players in this space

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