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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a significant contributor to climate change; globally efforts are being undertaken to convert emitted CO2 into valuable chemicals or fuels. While CO2 is available in abundance, it has not yet been widely used to generate value-added products on a large commercial scale. There are challenges involved in the CO2 conversion process. Before being transformed into a useful product, CO2 must be chemically converted into carbon monoxide (CO). Researchers are focusing on improving the process technology and also making efforts towards catalyst engineering, which can directly impact the chemical reaction.

Valorization of CO2 as a feedstock to produce high-value chemicals by replacing or reducing the use of fossil fuel raw materials would be a lucrative strategy that would eventually convert sustainable goals into business opportunities. Numerous chemicals, including high-value products like methanol, ethylene, methane, and ethanol, are identified as the expected products only by the reduction process of CO2.

Join our webinar to get actionable insights:

  • An exhaustive list of chemicals that have the potential to be produced from captured waste CO2
  • The landscape of enabling technologies and assessment of value-proposition of different technologies
  • Top chemicals identified for further research and why?
  • Start-up companies and educational institutes that have the technologies and working on scaling up to commercial products
  • Leading companies working and their roadmap
  • FutureBridge viewpoint: Anticipated key developments in short/mid and long term related to CO2 to chemicals

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