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Electrified mobility is still an expensive alternative: tech gaps persist

Mid-way through 2019, electrified mobility has recorded progress both in commercialization and innovation but we are still in the first few miles of the electrified mobility road.

Just a few weeks ago, a collaboration between Scania and Siemens resulted in Germany’s first ‘’electric highway’’ that connects a hybrid truck to overhead wires, allowing it to recharge while traveling a 10km stretch south of Frankfurt. At the same time, availability of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly, especially in Europe which will see a 37% increase in BEV launches in 2019.

But still EVs haven’t reached mainstream adoption despite the promises of an ‘’electrified future’’. Also, innovations such as the ‘’electric highway’’ are years away from having a significant impact into sustainable mobility for trucks.

‘’ In this crossroads, adopting the right technology or investing in key enablers can ‘’make or break’’ electrified mobility business models ‘’

A lot of this has to do with the pace of innovation in electrified technology, for example, the need to improve Lithium-ion battery cost and performance which accelerates R&D and investment in new materials, chemistries and architectures. Or innovation in fuel cells to improve weight, efficiency and lower their cost.

Access behind the scenes trends in tech to bridge the gap with sustainable mobility propulsion

Join our webinar to understand how the emerging trends in electrified mobility in 2019 impact the technological road-maps and milestones towards sustainable propulsion.

We’ll also explore how the pace of technology innovation and commercialization across the whole spectrum of electrified technology is progressing in 2019: From mild hybrids to batteries for electric vehicles; EV charging; alternative fuels and smart business models in e-mobility.

Finally, we’ll unveil breakthrough science and promising research from leading hubs of innovation in electrified mobility.

Join our webinar to get answers in critical technical challenges for future electrification:

  1. What is the outlook for the different levels of electrification mix in 2019?
  2. Are emerging markets adopting interim electrification? What’s next for 48V mild hybrids?
  3. What are the latest battery innovations coming from researchers and suppliers to support higher voltage electrification?
  4. Energy storage wars: How is the landscape of Quick & wireless charging evolving in 2019?
  5. Fuel cell update: How innovation in catalysts improves efficiency of fuel cell systems finally bringing them closer to broad adoption.

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