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The use of alternative proteins offers an ideal solution to a more sustainable food production system. Customers are ready to embrace this trend, but will only do so if taste, texture and health remain uncompromised.

By 2050 the world’s population is predicted to reach 10 billion. To feed this rapidly growing population on a warming planet, innovative new companies are using technology – not animals – to build a new food system. Rethinking and reimagining the way we eat food for the better.

As plant proteins such as pea and chickpea move into the mainstream, their challenges in application remain. Manufacturers must achieve scale and keep cost low while at the same time retaining the same nutrition, taste and texture qualities that consumers expect. While the plant protein segment remains a dominant solution provider for this trend, we are witnessing a new wave of alternative protein sources come to life.

Microbial Protein: A Valuable Component for Future Food Security

Time has come to re‐assess the current potentials of producing protein‐rich feed or food additives in the form of algae, yeasts, fungi and plain bacterial cellular biomass, producible with a lower environmental footprint compared with other plant or animal‐based alternatives. A major driver is the need to no longer disintegrate but rather upgrade a variety of low‐value organic and inorganic side streams in our current non‐cyclic economy.

From single-cell to CO₂-based protein, multiple biotechnology startups and research institutes are coming up with ingenious fermentation and genetic recombination technologies. For example, Motif FoodWorks uses fermentation to select microbes to produce your target ingredients while Perfect Day has developed animal free dairy proteins by using fermentation technology with microflora. Even the established players such as Danone and ADM are entering the domain owing to its rapid technology maturation.

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