Automated Driving in 2019: Swerving Around the Techno-Commercial Roadblocks

2019 promises robot-taxis, valet parking pilots, V2X and truck platooning test beds – only a few things of the key things to watch while waiting to get your “eyes-off-the-road” once Level 3 systems get regulatory approval. Through rhis webinar:
– understand how technological progress in vision sensors, HD maps, AI & supercomputers will develop in 2019 to unlock the perception, analysis and decision capabilities required for self-driving cars
– gain insights on leading LiDAR, radar and camera products from our bench marking
– explore different strategies around HD maps, supercomputers and L4 plarforms aiming at capturing market share in the AD space
– identify the competitive advantage of new ADAS suppliers and new startups in AD SW which could be ecosystem disruptors

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