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Quick overview

In order to define it’s testing and validation offerings strategy for the automated vehicle segment, the client wanted to get an understanding of the current and emerging landscape of solutions across tool-chain for ADAS/AV system validation & testing. Further, the client also wanted to align & develop internal capabilities required to explore the market.

Client success details

The engagement helped the client to define a strategic roadmap for offering testing and validation services for ADAS/ AVs. Following overarching business, questions were answered through the engagement.

As the ADAS technologies improve and start to penetrate market, the need to validate & test new ADAS features and hardware also increases simultaneously.
  • What is the market opportunity for passive keyless entry systems and their classification by geography?
  • How do they compare with each other on features, capabilities, popularity?
  • What has been OEM strategy with regards to ADAS validation tools?
  • What is the current and expected value chain for these activities?

FutureBridge conducted extensive primary and secondary research across OEMs, suppliers, simulation solution providers, validation & testing service providers. The output included

  • State of the art of current applications
  • Solution Architecture
  • Driving & Limiting Factors
  • Market adoption trends and competitor trends
  • Value chain structure for available solutions

FutureBridge further analyzed the primary and secondary research findings to find attractive solutions that can be offered by the client for validation and testing of ADAS/ AVs. The engagement has helped the client to define their future roadmap for testing and validation solutions for Automated vehicles in Germany and China. The client’s roadmap includes capability ramp up through internal training as well as through partnerships.

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