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Chemicals & Materials Sustainability

Go Green – Growing Green ChemisTREE

Green science is the use of a set of principles that diminishes or dispenses with the utilization or generation of unsafe...

Chemicals & Materials

Push for Sustainability in the Building Insulation Industry

Globally the most common insulating materials include concrete, mineral wool, fiberglass, foam board or rigid foam made up of...

Chemicals & Materials

Betting on Disruptive Synthetic Biology Revolution

"Necessity is the mother of all inventions" - And the need for a truly sustainable and greener world is indeed unlocking many...

Chemicals & Materials

Sustainable Building Materials – A Green Leap Forward!

Material demand in building structure may change due to emerging trends such as designing buildings to be more energy-efficient,...

Rise of Beauty and Skin-Care Tech: The Road Ahead

Chemicals & Materials New customer solutions

The cosmetic industry has started to transform rapidly with the adoption of beauty tech and is constantly thriving based on the...

Lithium-ion Battery Recycling: Closing the Gap for Finite Materials

Chemicals & Materials Sustainability

The lithium-ion battery pack used in the Nissan Leaf contains 192 pouch cells, that of the Tesla Model S contains 7,104...

Analysis of Innovative Technologies for Color Cosmetics and Hair Color

Chemicals & Materials

Leading cosmetics player aimed at identifying innovative and emerging technologies in the field of cosmetic grade pigments and...

Packaging demand is driven by COVID-19 Pandemic

Chemicals & Materials Sustainability

Our FutureBridge analysts continue to monitor the impact COVID-19 will have both short- and long-term in the Food &...

Sustainable Building Materials

Energy New Customers

How sustainable building materials can be used for different applications What is meant by sustainable building material?...

Enabling an EV OEM to build a Li-Ion Electrolyte Manufacturing Capability

Chemicals & Materials Advanced and smart materials

Quick overview Our client specializes in electric and battery-powered passenger vehicles. They needed our help to develop a...

Future of e-Mobility is in the Hands of Chemicals & Materials Companies

Mobility Electric Mobility

As the market grows for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and new technologies, material solutions will play an important role to meet new...

Biotechnology Opportunities and Challenges within Chemical Process Industry

Chemicals & Materials Sustainability

Biotechnology is the application of engineering and scientific principles to biological agents for the manufacturing and/or...

Textile Recycling

Chemicals & Materials Sustainability

Textile recycling refers to the reusing and reprocessing of clothing scraps and fibrous waste materials. Generally, these...

Eco-friendly Alternatives to Single Use Plastic

Chemicals & Materials

Global plastics production has been estimated to be above 360 million metric tons for the year 2020, approximately half of our...

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