Technology Adoption
& Commercialization

Our engagement for both in & out-licensing of technologies in the automotive sector spans across the entire value chain covering all leading automotive OEMs, Tier 1 as well as a few Tier 2 manufacturers. We’ve also executed extremely novel portfolio based licensing approaches which are quite effective from a cost & time investment point of view.

Some of the technology areas that we’ve worked on include advanced manufacturing processes (e.g. welding, forming, adhesive joining, metallic 3D printing, CFRP manufacturing, etc.), coating systems (e.g. laser based surface preparation, thermal plasma coating), vibration control (e.g. Piezo based), energy management algorithms (for hybrid drivetrains), advanced metrology solutions, integrated sensor systems, advanced NDT systems, advanced aerodynamic solutions and a host of many others.

What are clients asking us:

  • Integrated sensor systems for autonomous vehicles (e.g. nano stereo imaging, MIMO, eLidar)
  • Option of using metallic 3D printing to significantly reduce prototyping cycle time of components & sub-assemblies. (e.g. disc brakes, tooling dies, etc.)
  • Composite material solutions for weight reduction of battery housing systems, without compromising structural integrity, ensuring adequate heat transfer & improving fire resistance.
  • Energy management algorithms to help optimize the battery sizing of a hybrid vehicle.
  • Effective aluminium to steel OR aluminium to composite joining solutions.
  • Alternative forming processes for body in white sheet metal to avoid investments in new stamping lines.