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The Mobility industry is at a transformative threshold. A new era of mobility is beginning. It is electric, autonomous, connected and shared.

With the convergence of these mega trends, the automobile is on its way to becoming a technological gadget. New technologies and mobility offerings are also being developed to serve consumers’ changing expectations of convenience and comfort. This evolution is resulting in shifting markets and revenue pools, changing business models, and the emergence of new entrants as well as new partnerships. Industry focus is shifting to the integration of services and technologies, providing end-to-end solutions for moving people and goods in the most efficient, convenient, green, safe and cost-effective way. This disruption throws up numerous challenges, mainly due to the accompanying highly uncertain future during this initial phase of transformation across the automotive industry and its entire ecosystem.

Future success depends on formulating strategies today. These strategies will be driven by the answers to such key questions as:

  • How is the mobility industry, its value chain and market transforming?
  • What will be the opportunities and challenges?
  • Which new customer value propositions need to be developed?
  • Which business models will grow?
  • What will be the impact on products and services?
  • Which technologies need to be invested in?
  • What will be the competitive threats and how to respond to those?
  • What will be the regulatory demands?

Mobility value chain players have been leveraging our Research & Advisory capabilities to get answers to diversity of questions – from strategic to tactical to operational.

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