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By 2030, the mobility industry needs to target around a 50% reduction in net-carbon emissions. However, it will not be an easy goal since we also anticipate mobility demand to increase by 75-80% globally in the same period.

This webinar explores the progress of innovation and policy for Sustainable Mobility across three main domains.

  1. First, technological improvements and manufacturing advancements to reduce the production cost of Green Hydrogen for Mobility.
  2. Second, the European Commission’s proposed legislation on battery recycling
  3. Third, key strategies to progress to cyclical mobility economy.

Advanced research & high industrial activity pave the way for the adoption of Green Hydrogen in Mobility to decarbonize heavy-duty trucks

Green hydrogen could play a critical role in the decarbonization of the Mobility sector, particularly for heavy-duty, long-haul trucks. However, regulations, market design, and the costs of power and electrolyzer production are still major barriers to the uptake of green hydrogen. The Energy Transition Commission forecast about the production cost of Green Hydrogen dropping below $2/kg by 2030, as well as industry coalitions, and partnerships between suppliers to decarbonize Mobility with Green Hydrogen.

New EU regulation for sustainable batteries and research fuel growth in the EV battery industry

EU’s proposal to modernize legislation on batteries at the end of 2020 paves the way for sustainable, high-performing, repurposed, recycled, and safe batteries across their entire life cycle. For this, the proposal establishes specific requirements at each stage of the battery value chain

Transformational Pathways for Cyclical Mobility Economy

Energy Decarbonization, Materials Circularity, Vehicle Lifetime Optimization, and Vehicle Utilization Improvements form the basis of strategies to increase circularity. Collectively, these strategies have the potential to reduce carbon emissions by up to 75%.



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