Home Miniaturization Making Big Impact In Diagnostics

The overall healthcare ecosystem is moving towards small set-ups from larger & complex set-ups, lead by innovations in the area of home-based diagnostics, remote screening and monitoring solutions, and telehealth. A major focus of innovation has been the miniaturization of different sub-components to make the diagnostic & monitoring devices portable, accurate, and economical, along with real-time analysis/output.

An increasing shift towards home care, early detection, less invasive procedures, and cost efficiency among other drivers are further fueling the need for point-of-care low-cost diagnostic devices and equipment. Technology, chemicals, semiconductors, and material players are busy answering unmet needs through miniaturization. These players are using exponential & incremental technologies like AI/ML, 3D printing, IoT, synthetic biology, nanoelectronics, microfluidics, etc., to improve the competitiveness of their existing product offerings and deliver disruptive products. Apart from reducing size for large diagnostic/imaging products, miniaturized diagnostic solutions are also being integrated with products like smart wearables, mobile accessories, etc. which are eventually connected to electronic health records (EHR).

In this webinar we cover –

  • the current and future trends in diagnostic/imaging device miniaturization
  • innovations around miniaturization that are expected to disrupt the diagnostic devices market
  • start-ups bridging the gap to make miniaturized diagnostic/imaging products more accurate and accessible
  • actions by players to remain competitive in this changing ecosystem
  • the future of miniatured diagnostic/imaging devices

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