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Gene editing techniques have witnessed significant traction since CRISPR / CaS9 was discovered. The editing technology has complexities and challenges like the need for palindromic sequence before & after the gene of interest, purification, and expression of CaS nuclease, delivery of gRNA, acting in a non-specific manner resulting in off-shoot mutations and cell toxicity. Despite these limitations, there was a multi-fold interest in the research community to capitalize CRISPR/ CaS9 tool in editing targeted gene sequences.

In recent times, technologies such as TALEN, ZFN, NgAgO, Lambda Red had emerged as novel gene-editing tools having wider applicability with sequence specificity.

In this webinar learn about:

  • What are the limitations of CRISPR/CaS9 as a gene-editing tool and approaches to overcome these?
  • What is the penetration level of new gene-editing tools across therapy areas?
  • How will this penetration evolve in the next few years across different therapy areas?
  • What is the evolving landscape of – innovations, key players and start-ups, and partnerships?



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