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  24 Sep 2020

The Next Phase of Mobility Battery Energy Storage

The impact of the pandemic is reshaping the market dynamics of Mobility Battery Energy Storage. In Q3 2020 we expect China to make a V-shaped recovery from the COVID pandemic and continue its road to battery dominance. At the same time, Europe is spending billions in order to build its own battery hub and reduce reliance on Asian suppliers. Korean battery makers could benefit strongly from the growing European EV market.

Electrified mobility is largely dominated by Lithium-ion battery technology because of its affordability compared to other technologies and its benefits in energy density and capacity. Even though lithium-ion battery holds a strong position in future e-mobility there is still a lot more potential in the existing technology and also in new battery chemistries which needs to be unlocked. This can only be done through extensive research by various research institutions.

GM has said the Ultium battery will likely have cells priced below the $100 per kilowatt-hour mark due to a reduced reliance on cobalt. Tesla will launch their “million-mile” battery in China first aiming to break the 100$/kWh barrier. China’s SVOLT launches cobalt-free car batteries; expected in 2021

In the 2nd webinar dedicated to Electrification, we will explore

  • How the EV battery market dynamics evolve and specifically how battery cell suppliers are positioning themselves to support high voltage road maps in Asia, Europe and the US
  • How innovation in new lithium batteries, novel materials, and advanced chemistries is progressing to increase battery performance with findings from academic research and patents
  • The evolution of battery management systems to address advanced electrification requirements
  • Which carmakers, suppliers and startups hold strong growth potential based on our Carmaker Electro-mobility LeaderBoard

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