Electronics & Semiconductors

Revolution in connected world brought by technology evolution in electronics & semiconductor

IoT, AI and edge computing are reshaping next generation electronics

As microelectronics evolves at lightning speed, yesterday’s business and revenue models are being redefined – as bold new technology solutions meet the escalating demands of data centres, autonomous vehicles, robots and handheld devices.  Challenges ranging from speed and efficiency, form factor, new materials and power consumption are being addressed by market players.

Our Electronics and Semiconductors team advises clients across segments in Automotive, Industrial, Robotics, Lighting, Telecom and Smart Homes, among others.

Unlocking the opportunities in the evolving area of electronics solutions

Home and Industrial Automation


Power Electronics (SiC and GaN Devices)


Automotive Electronics


Edge Computing


Our Solutions

Our solutions combine a unique blend of hyper customized on demand engagements, strategic programs and subscription based membership programs

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Our Clients

Our long-standing clients include some of the worlds leading brands and forward-thinking corporations.

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